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Coaching Services


coaching clientsCoaching provides consistent, long-term development that becomes embedded as part of your work style.  Coaching is a confidential, convenient and cost-effective way to accelerate success and has become a proven tool for learning and professional development and building engaged workplaces and lives. Forge Coaching and Consulting offers executive, team and individual coaching to suit your specific needs. For more information or to register for any of our coaching sessions, call 905-873-9393 or email

  • Coaching Group for Women
  • Life Coaching
  • Leadership Development Coaching
  • Team Development Coaching
  • Career Management and Development Coaching

Group Coaching For Women:

personal coachingDiscover how a coaching group for women can help you reconnect with your needs, energize your life and help you commit and focus as you progress on your career path. Forge Coaching and Consulting offers an eight week group coaching program (virtually or in person) that will guide you to look inside yourself and generate goals and solutions that fit your Vision, Passion, and Values. 

Life Coaching:

Life Coaching is a personal, collaborative and dynamic partnership that assists you in taking proactive steps toward creating a meaningful and satisfying life.  Through life-coaching conversations, your Forge Coach will assist you in expanding your awareness of your potential and personal and professional strengths.  Coaching conversations will broaden your perspective on yourself and life in general and open your mind to possibilities never considered before.  With your coach, you will set specific objectives and establish a course of action to achieve your goals. Whatever you work on, expect your Coach to hold you accountable and challenge you while providing constant support and motivation.

Leadership Development Coaching:

The number one misconception about leadership is that it comes from the position or title one has been given. Leadership emerges from the ability to positively influence people and to develop relationships with others which get them to want to join in. It also implies being able to choose the right people for the “right seat” and create organizational clarity.

Team Development Coaching:

Forge offers a foundation process for team building which creates an environment of awareness in communication and behavioural styles that fosters collaboration and effective interrelating. This process involves self-discovery, appreciation of team members’ personal style and contribution, developing tolerance to team conflict, bringing clarity to direction, goal setting and strategic action planning, creating buy-in and accountability. Teams which commit to these fundamental principles, demonstrate healthy team dynamics with exceptional results.

Career Management and Development Coaching:

Through conversation and a variety of assessment tools, our clients are able to gather the data necessary to make meaningful career choices and changes. A professional coach will help you identify your passions and partner with you to develop a plan to attain your career goals. Career management coaching can assist you in exploring your developmental gaps and designing a learning plan to bring your career to the next level.

For information about any of the above coaching opportunities, contact Manon at or 905-873-9393

The Coaching Process

Coaching is a process that guides clients toward their goals.

coaching process 


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