Manon Dulude

Hello — and thank you for visiting Forge Coaching & Consulting.  I’d like to share with you the story of Forge.

The name, Forge, emerged from my conviction that change and transformation can occur within individuals, teams, groups, and workplace cultures, even when they appear immovable.

Forge is rich in meaning.  As a verb, it means to apply heat to metal to transform it from its rigid and static form to a malleable state which can be shaped and redefined. Forge is also used to describe the creation of strong relationships and forward movement.  As a noun, a forge is where metal items are created and repaired.  Finally, forge has the same meaning in English and French, which is crucial to me as a bilingual coach.

For all these reasons, Forge was the ideal choice.  It perfectly describes how I view my work and the coaching process.  As I engage in coaching conversations, I see myself as the blacksmith (or forgeron), who gradually helps transform ideas, mindsets, and perspectives. Expanding perspectives enables a higher level of empathy and collaboration between people, teams, and business units and supports the organization’s need for creative and complex thinking and decision making.

Just as heat transforms metal, emotions can transform people. But, like the fire at the forge, if emotions are too strong, the results can be damaging rather than mobilizing and transformative.  At Forge Coaching & Consulting, we harness the “fire” of human emotions and constructively work with them so they become the positive and powerful source of energy that’s necessary to produce great things. Coaching will help you develop your emotional intelligence!

Whether change needs to occur intra-personally or inter-personally, the light from the forge enables us to see the challenges we face.  Once these challenges are identified, we provide a warm and welcoming space where emotions, thinking, and behaviour can be transformed.

Manon Dulude Ph.D.,  PCC, BCC
Life and Executive Coach
Powerful Conversations for Personal Transformation

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