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Services include Leadership and Executive Development, Team Coaching, Mediation, Group Coaching for women and Life Coaching.
Our workshops portfolio addresses the most commonly experienced workplace challenges but, when situations dictate, we create workshops from scratch to meet clients' unique needs.
We provide ICF-approved coaching and mentoring services for coaches of all experience levels. All programs lead to ICF accreditation.
Manon Dulude is an experienced and engaging speaker on topics of conflict resolution, creative thinking, team dynamics and collaboration.



Forge Coaching & Consulting was founded in 2005 by Manon Dulude, Ph.D, PCC, BCC. Manon is a seasoned registered psychotherapist and Professional Certified Coach and a Core Member of the Ivey Academy Coaching Network



We help you listen with greater acuity, communicate more effectively, and create strategies that build trust, bridge divides, and inspire those around you. And, we're with you all the way. If you're serious about change, it takes commitment -- and work. Now is the time. Are you ready?

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Work and stress go hand-in-hand for most of us.  Usually, work-related stress can be left at the office but, sometimes, it can be impossible to "switch off" when we get home. This kind of stress, which can include intense worry and even anger, can negatively impact relationships and home life.  If you have a partner who is experiencing this, it can be very hard to know how best to help.  This article sets out a few ways to support them. Listen In the first few minutes of getting home, your spouse or significant other may feel the need to unburden themselves by recounting their frustration...
Emotional intelligence (EQ) is becoming an increasingly important consideration when hiring new employees and evaluating the potential of existing ones.  Given that our EQ  can influence our success at work (and in our personal lives), it's important to understand what it is. There are many schools of thought as to how to  best describe EQ.  Usually, it is viewed as a combination of inter-personal and intra-personal capabilities and as having a number of elements or categories.   I like the four key pillars set out below, each with their own set of competencies: The four key pillars ...
Every day we make thousands of decisions, most of which we barely acknowledge. What to eat for breakfast? Which clothes to wear? Which route to take to an appointment? But not all decisions are equal and many of the decisions we make in our personal lives and in business can have major implications. We have all made decisions we regret, so what can we do to ensure that bad decisions are a thing of the past? Understanding the main contributors to poor decision making can help -- here we explain the five key issues:   Avoid making decisions based solely on emotion. Emotions can influen...
Burnout is a serious issue which the World Health Organization (WHO) now recognizes as a legitimate medical condition.   While it's normal to feel very tired or stressed occasionally due to work, burnout is much more serious and should be recognized and treated as soon as possible. Below are the most common symptoms: Exhaustion  --  feeling tired occasionally is perfectly normal, especially during busy or challenging times at work.  However, feeling tired all the time or most days is not normal and may progress to feeling physically and emotionally exhausted.  If you feel completely d...
Burnout is a common term in the business world although it's not always well understood.  It's important not to confuse it with how you might feel after a few bad weeks at the office because burnout is much more serious than simply feeling stressed or tired. Burnout usually materializes after an extended period of time such as months or even years of high stress and/or intense dissatisfaction with the job.  Symptoms include being exhausted all the time, irritability, feeling unaccomplished and unappreciated, and generally being so completely worn out by the role that you question your abilit...
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