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Transforming leadership and team dynamics.

Powerful conversations for meaningful transformations.

Services include Leadership and Executive Development, Team Coaching, Mediation, Group Coaching for women and Life Coaching.
A comprehensive profile that presents the inter-relationship between your leadership competencies and your self-limiting assumptions.
We provide ICF-approved coaching and mentoring services for coaches of all experience levels. All programs lead to ICF accreditation.
Our workshops portfolio addresses the most commonly experienced workplace challenges but, when situations dictate, we create workshops from scratch to meet clients' unique needs.



Forge Coaching & Consulting was founded in 2005 by Manon Dulude, Ph.D, PCC, BCC. Manon is a seasoned registered psychotherapist and Professional Certified Coach and a Core Member of the Ivey Academy Coaching Network





Currently offering some of our workshops online

A Series of Six, Three-Hour Workshops, Delivered Online! Become a better leader by learning how to incorporate coaching skills into your management toolbox.
Building Communication Bridges with Style gets to the root cause of most workplace relationship issues; misunderstandings and poor communication.
This workshop provides exercises to help teams tackle each dysfunction to build trust, make embracing debate more comfortable, introduce collaboration for complex problem solving.
From Conflict to Collaboration introduces the positive role conflict can play in building healthy team dynamics.

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As we climb the corporate ladder, we soon realize that the managers we encounter along the way differ greatly in competency. Some are a joy to report to and inspire us to give our all, and others may be so difficult to deal with that quitting seems our only option. Most, however, fall somewhere in between.

So, why do some leaders inspire commitment and productivity, while others create misery and chaos? We have all seen the news headlines when leadership goes very wrong. What is it, exactly, that makes the difference? This has been a topic of opinion and research for centuries.
Why strong …


This year, I celebrate three major career milestones: 35 years as a practicing psychotherapist, 25 years in private practice, and 20 years providing executive coaching services! To mark these achievements, I thought I would share a little about my journey.
From psychotherapy to executive coaching
I entered executive coaching after approximately 15 years as a practicing psychotherapist. As a Critical Incident Stress De-briefer and in my private practice, I found myself increasingly in contact with individuals in leadership roles who wanted to talk about mindset, conflict resolution, and manag…


Quiet quitting is a relatively new term in the workplace. It occurs when an employee who has lost all interest and motivation in their work, decides to not actually quit, but stay in the job and do the absolute minimum, while still receiving a pay cheque. This has become a real problem for employers because, with many people now working from home in the wake of COVID, quiet quitting is easier to get away with. This lack of employee engagement is detrimental to healthy team dynamics and productivity, damages morale, and impacts the bottom line.  So, why do employees quietly quit, and what can …


Have you ever been in a work situation where you wanted to speak up but held back?  Perhaps you were in a meeting where you kept your great idea to yourself.  Perhaps it was when your boss announced a decision you felt would be a mistake.  Perhaps you discovered an unsafe or unethical practice frequently performed by colleagues with more years on the job than you.  Most of us have experienced these types of situations, and the reason for our silence is fear.

Why Psychological Safety is Important
In her TEDx Talk, Amy Edmondson, a Harvard Business School professor, and author discus…

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