Healthy teams are effective teams and can be a joy to work in. But, not all teams work well together, and causes are often unclear.  If your team is struggling, we can help.

At Forge Coaching & Consulting, we quickly identify team dynamics and maladaptive patterns of behaviour that must be resolved.  Our collaborative approach inspires trust and co-operation for exceptional results and lasting change — even in the most difficult situations.


What you can expect with Forge’s Team Coaching program:

  • A process of self-discovery
  • Enhanced team dynamics
  • Development of clear corporate values and a code of conduct
  • Goal setting with strategic actions
  • A transformation of team culture that is optimized for success

A coach will join your team at a location of your choice and facilitate customized workshops. They will follow your progress and adapt activities to match your needs.


We’re happy to chat about the challenges you are facing and how we can help.

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