Relationship challenges in the workplace impacts productivity and employee morale and must be addressed quickly.  Building Communication Bridges with Style gets to the root cause of most workplace relationship issues; misunderstandings and poor communication.

This workshop helps teams, groups, and organizations build communication “bridges” and eliminate interpersonal barriers that cause workplace conflict. The Personal Style Indicator, an online assessment tool, helps determine the preferred personal communication, behavioural, and work style of each team member. It helps participants appreciate that individuals manage stress, approach work, manage relationships, and solve problems, differently.

Building Communication Bridges with Style is an interactive learning process that helps team members discover the strengths and challenges of their own personal style and better assess and appreciate the style of their counterpart.  This approach to communication is the foundation of a respectful and collaborative workplace culture.

Format: A 1 or 2-day workshop for small to large groups of up to 20. Includes an online assessment tool. Available in English and French.

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