Conflict in a professional relationship can be a source of significant stress and have serious implications for the individuals involved and their employer.  Forge Coaching & Consulting’s Mediation Services combine the principles of Alternative Conflict Resolution (ACR) with coaching to help repair and rebuild a relationship after a misunderstanding or workplace complaint.


Collaborative Relationship Restoration Services

This is a form of mediation that takes a collaborative approach to repair a damaged relationship following a misunderstanding or workplace complaint.

Through Forge’s Collaborative Relationship Restoration Services, coach-supported conversations encourage both parties to explore their counterpart’s perspectives, and positions, and the elements that support them. This “get in their shoes” approach helps participants appreciate alternative viewpoints and interests, including those of the company they work for, and creates a better understanding of the synergy between their own interests and those of their co-workers and employer.

As part of the process, participants complete The Personal Style Indicator (PSI) and The Thomas-Killmann Conflict Model, online tools which help determine preferred personal communication, behavioural and conflict styles. Results are discussed with each party to deepen their understanding of their profile, personal strengths, areas for growth, and to foster an appreciation for communication styles that differ from their own.

The goal of this offering is for participants to collaborate in creating a new working agreement for themselves, with guiding principles and a framework that is mindful of each other’s communication and behavioural style.

This process includes up to 12 hours of coaching and usually takes place over two to three weeks.

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