Are you looking for a coaching supervisor? Forge Coaching & Consulting offers the coach a rich and broad opportunity for reflective dialogue. Through Coaching Supervision, the coach explores the complexity of a coaching relationship and the coaching process. Coaching Supervision attends to:


  • The broad knowledge that other disciplines such as psychology, have to offer coaches
  • The ongoing quality of services a coach delivers
  • The intricate dynamics between sponsoring organizations/client and coach
  • Deepening one’s psychological and emotional wellbeing and reactions while coaching through reflecting on practice
  • The ongoing ethical dilemmas coaching relationships may present
  • Difficult client situations
  • Customized professional and/or personal development


At every stage of their career, coaches seek developmental opportunities to sharpen their skills.

To learn more about the Coach Training programs call Manon Dulude at (905) 703-0003 or send a brief message.

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