Did you know that conflict can be healthy for your organization?  Healthy conflict is called debate and can lead to a deeper level of understanding of all parties’ interests, broaden perspectives on a situation, foster more creative and elaborate solutions, and boost overall performance.

From Conflict to Collaboration introduces the positive role conflict can play in building healthy team dynamics.  With the help of the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), an online tool designed to assess an individual’s communication and behavioral style in conflict situations, participants learn to differentiate five key conflict resolution styles and examine the advantages of each.

From Conflict to Collaboration can realign team culture and help groups develop the skills necessary to foster collaboration. This workshop introduces exercises that help participants learn how to have in-depth, interest- based conversations that build active collaboration in order to solve complex situations.

Format: A 1 or 2-day workshop for small to large groups of up to 20. Includes an online assessment tool.  Available in English and French.

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