Sharing your pain with a therapist is not just attending another pity party. Talking about your emotional pain in therapy is constructive and breaks through the downward mood spiral. You no longer have to suffer alone and ruminate over the same hurtful stories over and over again.

Truly effective therapy is an active process. It requires the client to be clear on their desired therapy goal. Setting a clear goal, such as “I want to live pain and shame free“, sets you onto a new path of intentional living.

Intentional living is accepting that while you may not be responsible for the pain you are experiencing, you are responsible for your healing process and your personal growth. Once a client makes this realization, a significant shift occurs.

The most important gains you will make in therapy will be to broaden and shift your perception of yourself and of the challenges you face. The end result is personal growth that empowers you to control your life and enjoy positive, life-affirming relationships with others and yourself.

There is no need for you to hurt alone. If you would like to know about what therapy can offer, contact Manon Dulude at (905) 873-9393 or email

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