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Imagine learning a tool that can offer you the guarantee to improve your life quality. Would you not want to run to learn it as soon as possible? This too-good-to-be-true tool is both common sense and extraordinary. Athletes and performers receive hours of coaching to master it and  vouch for its merits.

This tool is your ability to be in the “Here and Now” – to focus your awareness and give full attention to the moment and activity you are engaged in.

By applying the following suggestions, you will boost the psychological benefits of all the activities you are involved in and possibly decrease your stress.

1. Quiet down your mind. Your mind is your worst enemy. It is constantly babbling and stealing the show.

2. If you need to pay attention to something important, do it and address it the best you can! If not resolved totally, decide when you will come back to it. Now leave it until the determined time.

3. Learn to show up for life and enjoy every moment. Don’t bring your trouble with you everywhere you go. Allow the current moment to take over.

4. Pay attention to all your senses. If you go for a walk, pay attention to the wind on your face, and notice the scenery around you. If you are having a meal, take the time to take in all the texture and flavor of your food.

5. Use mind centering activities such as running, drumming, swimming and dancing. Activities which live in their own rhythm are known for soothing the soul.

6. Notice your mindset. Your mindset is influenced by your emotions and your belief system. You can change your mindset and therefore alter your choice of reactions to a set of circumstances. Notice that feeding emotions such as anger will keep you out of the moment and color the quality of all your experiences.

7. Connect fully. The art of romance is not about spending lavish amounts of money on your lover. It is about being fully present in the moment; to listen with love, to do small gestures full of tenderness and to communicate by your presence that this person is the most important to you in that moment.

8. Visualize the desired outcome. Set a clear intent on what you want. Set the scene for it and let it unfold. You can’t control every thing!

9. Learn to master a new activity. Whether it is doing puzzles, learning to paint, doing crafts or working on a new computer program, challenging your mind can help you be in the moment.

10. Take care of your body. Every culture knows the power of hot water and body care such as massage. Taking care of your body will feed your soul and remind you that nothing is more important than you and your health.

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