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What is the difference between a Job Hunter and a career explorer?

A Job Hunter is someone who is looking for a job in a specific field. They know what they want and have a targeted career goal. It is assumed that they have the proper skill set to do the job and that they are looking for a new environment in which to perform what they are trained and skilled to do. Generally their expectations involve a role at a similar level they were doing in a previous work setting or they aim for a promotion of some kind.

If you are a Job Hunter, you will benefit from having a strong personal brand and marketing strategy.  In contrast, a Career Explorer has not yet narrowed down the type of work they want to pursue and is looking for career options.  As a Career Explorer, there is a need to explore interests, motivators, personal preferences for workplace environments,   and values in order to identify suitable career fields.  Career Explorers need to be realistic when they set their sight on a new career path.  The goal has to be attainable in scope particularly if one needs to return to school. There is a need to explore if the return on time and financial investment required to acquire the new skills to qualify for the new career makes the process worthwhile.

For example, if you are 50 years old and want to be a medical doctor, you may want to rethink that. It might not make sense to go to medical school at this later stage in life. There may, however, be alternative options that will satisfy your desire to work in a healthcare field or helping people achieve wellness.

Whether you are a Job Hunter or a Career Explorer, coaching can be of assistance on your journey. A coach may use a variety of coaching strategies including using assessment tools to assist the Job Hunter to learn more about their communication and behavioral styles. This process not only enhances self-awareness but also provides the Job Hunter with rich information about their strengths. This information will not only assist in creating a stronger brand for their personal marketing plan but also enriches  one’s ability to present themselves as strong candidates  in job interviews.

A coach is also of benefit to the Career Explorer.  Coaching will assist the Career Explorer to go beyond their limiting beliefs and invite them to look at their aspirations and explore a variety of career options that are aligned with them. A coach will assist you in seeing the best in you and support you in the design and implementation of your action plan to ready yourself to enter your new career field.

Whether you are a Job Hunter or a Career Explorer, let the coaches at Forge Coaching and Consulting guide you toward your next great challenge. Contact us today at info@forgecoachingandconsulting.com or call 905-873-9393.

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