Group coaching is a powerful and effective approach to enhance your personal and professional life. There are great benefits to attending a group format rather than individual sessions. Besides the practical side that the group approach may be more economical than individual sessions, here are a few reasons to consider attending a coaching group:

1. Members of a group commit to creating a safe environment. Together they agree to use a kind yet challenging approach toward each other.

2. Join a group of individuals who, like you, want to create momentum in their life. Success is contagious. As you see others reach their objectives, you will likely want to report your own wins and push yourself just that much more.

3. As the group gels, members share similar experiences, goals and purpose. The group sessions provides a sense of connection and belonging to a community that wants you to succeed. Now you have a group that cheers for you.

4. Enhance your creativity as you see others think outside the box for themselves and, at times, for you. Coaching in a group environment is an enriching experience which provides you with the opportunity to see multiple sides to your own challenges. Witnessing the process of your group members will enable you to gain new perspective that may have taken much longer to discover by yourself. As you see people handle their situations, it also holds a mirror up to how you manage your own challenges and may deepen your self-awareness and assist you in expanding your life strengthening strategies.

5. Participation in a group will heighten your level of accountability. Not only will the participants encourage and motive you, they will also hold you accountable to follow through with your commitments. After all while it may be easy to let yourself down, you are less likely to let your buddies down. There is power in numbers.

Group coaching with Forge Coaching and Consulting will equip you with practical and useful tools that can help you create a more balanced and meaningful life. You will receive concrete methods that will teach you how to pursue dreams and goals in a healthy and honest way

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